Top Mock Test (TMT) App

How to Install the TMT App?

  • Go to the Google PlayStore
  • Type “Top Mock Test” in Search
  • Install the app

How to Register to the TMT App?

  • Enter Your Name
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Enter the email
  • Click “Create Account” button
  • Enter OTP (which was send to the entered mobile number)
  • Click on “Submit” button.
  • Registration successful and directed to Instruction page.

How to use the Homepage of TMT App?

  • Click on the tests question set of 12 or 24
  • Select the mode of test (Mains, Advance or Subject wise)
  •  Give the test.

What is displayed on TopMockTest App dashboard ?

On Dashboard, two type of performance views available, detail view and graph view. You can see your Accuracy and no. of tests attempted.

In Detail View:

  • Accuracy is calculated in between all tests that you will attempt. All Correct questions divided by total number of questions multiplied by 100.
  • Speed by which you will attempt ( in sec/question).
  • Number of correct questions for all attempted tests.

In Graph View:

  • Pie-chart shows the overall performance.
  • In line chart shows the correct answers % in last 5 days. 

What is the advantages of sync option ?

  • For paid subscribers Sync option provides each week new set of questions from the pool of 1 Lakh + questions.

How to get new question sets ?

  • Please subscribe the app for ₹ 999/-
  • You can sync new question sets by tapping the menu Sync question sets option.
  • Here you can see all the released version and sync as per your requirement.

How to review attempted tests ?

  • Tap on test to review the correct answers.
  • Tap on question button to review selected and correct answer.
  • Correct answer show with green color.