Cracking IIT JEE with or without coaching

Some candidate can say self-study is best for IIT JEE preparation. But on the other hand, some can feel that without coaching one cannot crack IIT JEE. Let’s compare and find out which method is best of IIT JEE aspirant for its preparation.

Coaching institutes provide exposure to competition. While self-study, you can do so by enrolling in various test series and can give lots of all India tests and judge your position where you stand.

Coaching institutes may not force you for regular studies. Sometimes aspirants can feel that coaching classes are wasting time on less important topics. Most of the times they may run too fast for you to cope up. On the other hand, an aspirant can study regularly if they have proper study planning. You can do so by creating your own weekly and long duration study plans.

In coaching institutes, an aspirant can get a suitable mentor and teachers for guidance. While self-study, you can get better guidance from various blogs, online videos, tutorials etc.

In coaching classes, several shortcut tricks are provided by instructors. While self-study, you can create own shortcuts by solving questions in several different ways. Attempting mock tests in time pressure helps you to create such shortcuts.

Now, it is up to you which option to opt. Both are good if done in a proper way. As you are attempting the IIT JEE and you know very well about yourself, so choose accordingly.

Good Luck !!!

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