Develop self-discipline to conquer competitive exams

The meaning of self-discipline is “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it”. Hence, self-discipline is the key to achieving success consistently in one’s endeavours.

Your proper attention is the foremost thing you need to crack any competitive exam. You need to create a lifestyle that would help you do well in the competitive exam and also in life.

To acquire any skill, you actually have to want it and yearn for it. Then only you will work towards it. Your true desire will surely make you put it into action accordingly.

Self-discipline is a skill and like any other skill, it can be obtained only with regular practice.

Make a clear plan of your schedule. It will drive your entire pursuit. Start with the allocation of time and the activity.

Create a proper routine will help you stick to your plans and also make it easier for you to do things by helping you develop habits.

The things that can be achieved only with hard work, should not be left to luck or the chance of things going your way.

Stay positive when you start doing something new. You need to trust yourself that when you put in the work you will get a positive result. A little every day adds up to something big.

You have to accept some discomfort which you get while developing self-discipline but do not pressurize yourself with too many thingsJust focus on showing up and doing what you have to.

Stay away from distractions. No Facebook/ TV / Video games/ smartphones for some time will do no damage but no studying/ sticking to your plan will have serious repercussions now and in the future.

Most importantly, you have only one thing to do just focus on doing what you have to. With time, you will start enjoying.

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