Distractions – How to deal with it?

Knowing that distractions are harmful even then we somehow get trapped into it. Distractions are a major setback to all goals that you set ever.

While working on something, like preparing for the examination, your mind gets impatient. Impatient because mind some way or the other, wants an instant result that will make you feel good. When you have an option between studying and your distraction, your mind silently chooses the distraction over studies.

Though we all try hard to run away from distractions, knowing its not good for us, there is certainly something good which makes tougher the situation to get rid of it. Distraction can be taken as a positive tool which can take us out of stress provided that it is consumed under a very strict limit. However, most of us are never able to keep distraction under a limit.

Best way to avoid distractions

  • Mobile phones are a big source of distraction. Hence, use App block to limit its use. Install it on playstore and set timings on apps that distract you.
  • Try shifting your focus. Focusing on aim automatically eliminates distraction.
  • Develop a love for studies and hate for distractions. It is obvious that what you hate, you won’t feel like doing it.
  • Whenever you feel like pursuing a distraction, you should postpone it and allocate a different time of the day for that activity.
  • Always know your aim and vision. The aim is what you want to achieve in life and vision is where you want to see yourself in life. A person who is always aware of his aim-vision would never get distracted and always remain on track.

Most importantly, Distractions give you quick but useless rewards & Hard Work gives you slow and Amazing Rewards. Hence, stay focused, think positive, keep practicing.

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