Essential tips and study strategies

Prepare a proper study timetable of small durations with frequent breaks in between. Give sufficient space to all subjects throughout the day to give yourself more variety.

Search for a suitable place for yourself to study. It should be somewhere quiet like a library or peaceful corner of the house. All are different so as long it works, stick with it and change when feel to change.

Practice previous years papers seriously. After practicing, revise the syllabus for that subject thoroughly and when covered everything, start attempting the papers. No doubt, they are extremely useful and when the dates of exams come closer, you feel confidence also till then you will get enough practice of time management.

Summarize the theory part in your words in notebooks. It will help you revise the whole syllabus in less time. Writing something always stays in mind for long.

Indulge yourself in group study. Studying with people can provide help when you are stuck on any topic. It can help you get socialize also giving you chance to take breaks with others. You need regular breaks for rest and meals. Eat well and exercise to support brain performance, minimizing stress and building confidence.

Stop the habit of starting your preparation when close to the examination date. It is too late to start your preparation and you should have done this already.

During the exam, attempt the easy questions first. It will boost your confidence. Don’t stick to one question for long to avoid the wastage of time.

Time left and you think you have finished, don’t leave. Revise the question paper and cross-check the answers. Get back to the question you have left and try solving again.

Eat healthy, stay healthy. Good Luck !!!

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