How Test series enhance your performance in JEE?

According to expert, one should go through test series so that you can be sure where you stand in your preparation for competitive exam like JEE.
By this, you can test your problem-solving speed. You will get used to of solving different types of question format (Problems with more than one option correct, Matrix match etc,)
For time management, there are no set rules. Try to avoid silly mistakes, as this section alone can fetch you around 100 marks, provided you have a good comprehension.
We would recommend you to take at least 2 tests a week. But when you are left with only a few months for JEE exam, take 4 tests a week.
Effective time management is a key to crack JEE. Try to complete the test 10 minutes before the actual end time so that you get time for a recheck. This will give you a breathing space in the actual JEE exam in case if you encounter any difficult questions.
In the online test series, you would be getting the test score immediately after the test. This will let you know where you stand in the competition. Don’t be upset if you get a low score, this will help you know your week spots and you can work on it to crack the actual one.
Keeping all the above-said points in mind one should be able to make use of their test series effectively and prepare for JEE.
Keep practicing and stay positive!!!

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