IIT JEE Preparation Strategy 2019: Online or Offline

How to Prepare for IIT JEE 2019: IIT JEE, the most important entrance exam for every engineering aspirant in the country. It is the best way to get admissions into top engineering colleges in India. Every year, lakhs of aspirants appear for the examinations and only a handful of them make it into IITs. These days, everything is digitized and as well are the classrooms.

* Start your IIT JEE preparation with Class XII textbooks that you have. You can also refer to NCERT books that are prepared by many subject experts and are quite economical too. IIT preparation is a devotion that needs to start early.

* Beware of using too many reference books. Askiitians has a list of important IIT JEE preparation books that you can use for reference. Use the ones that cover the maximum syllabus and suit your learning style.
* It can help you to score more by indexing topics in order of priority or weightage they carry in JEE Main and Class XII board exams.
* Grill yourself into the basics until all your fundamentals are very clear as JEE Main is specifically designed to test how well students have grasped the topics and how they apply them to a given set of problems.
* Revise, practice using previous year papers of IIT JEE, check solutions from solved papers, seek help where needed and revise and practice again.
* Last minute IIT study tips often suggest students to try the IIT JEE paper of last three years.
* Time management is an important factor in JEE Main. So, while solving model JEE question papers, keep an eye on your watch too. If solving a* question is taking too much time, move on.


Preferring online coaching or offline classes

  • In an online method, aspirants are not under pressure to keep pace with classmates or teachers. With video lectures, you can choose your suitable time and can repeat lectures until you are confident about any particular concept.
  • These video lectures enable an aspirant to choose the suitable place to study. The only requirement is an internet connection, then you can study even in the basement, terrace, anywhere. This method will refresh your mind and concentration.
  • With online coaching, you don’t require a fixed time. These lectures, at any point of the day, can be watched. There is no need to commute so this method saves time. Many constructive works can be done in this saved time.
  • Studying through online classes is more affordable than offline classes. Some additional expenses, apart from the fee you have to handle if you join any coaching centers. Expenses for food, accommodation etc. will increase and will always be an extra burden.
  • For offline classes, sometimes aspirants need to stay away from family and few faces emotional trauma due to this. They lose interest in everything and it deteriorates their health. With continuous sickness, it is impossible to focus on study. Hence, no shifting is required for online coaching,  as one can study in the comfort of home.

Therefore, online coaching is a powerful tool for JEE aspirants. Most importantly, concepts taught with actual visualizations can be watched anywhere, anytime.

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