Memorize bulk of information to crack NEET

No doubt, it’s a tough task to mug up even the NCERT books of Class XII and for preparation of NEET one has to go beyond the board’s textbooks. Though cramming is never suggested in studies but still, sometimes some of the concepts need to memorize.

It can be managed easily through regular revisions. The mind remembers the things which are frequently used. We do not forget the daily route we travel, phone numbers we use frequently etc. But we forget the name of the person we met two months before. The only reason is ‘Out of touch, out of mind’. We need to recall it again and again, to retain it in our mind. By this, the brain feels it’s important and keeps it intact.

Method to memorize for NEET preparation

Revision is the main method for memorizing. The only way is to understand the concepts and do the frequent revision. Understand the concepts through proper examples and diagrams. Prepare notes in tabular format, sticky notes, flowchart etc. and stick it to the place where you can have its glance repeatedly.

Practice previous year question papers as much as you can. This will help you stay in touch with the concepts and will help you maintain the speed of solving the questions. We all know the speed of solving matters a lot while appearing in exams. Various mock tests too are available online. Try practicing that too.

Though it sounds repetitive, there is no other way but to do hard practice and revision only. It can only lead to getting the desired seat in NEET entrance exams and most important, preparing for NEET through various app adds into it. Through practice, only one can solve MCQs smartly with whatever knowledge he has about the topic.

Refer your teachers and mentors in case of doubt in any topic.

Therefore, stay positive, be confident, practice rigorously and you will definitely succeed.

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