Why JEE & NEET exams require more Mock Test Practice?

One of the best ways to prepare for JEE & NEET exams is taking the more mock test and solving as many questions as possible.

Many students focus on going subject wise for exam preparations. Eventually, such students end up deceiving themselves in thinking, that they are fully prepared for exams. But the real fact remains that they are not yet fully sorted on those individual subjects from exams point of view. JEE & NEET exam experts suggest that the only way to know for sure regarding actual preparation level is to give a mock test and to analyze results.

Below is a summary list of important benefits from attempting more Mock Tests:

1. Building the right Exam Attitude
Very simply giving mock test gives your question-solving ability a boost by giving you a fair understanding of the type of questions and approximate time for solving different questions. Solving many different kinds of questions will give you a fair sense of your strong and weak areas in any subject or full-length tests.
Additionally, you learn to apply concepts better to solve questions. Overall such mock tests help you familiarize yourself with real exam environment.

2. Reducing those silly mistakes
Lack of attention and wrong calculation lead to silly mistakes in multiple-choice exams like JEE. Students are prone to such mistakes despite ample knowledge, but lack of practice. Mock tests give you enough practice to be alert during exams, resulting in avoiding such silly mistakes. Ultimately, sincerity with the mock test would equip you to gain those important marks and save time.

3. Making for a better revision tactic during preparation
Sometimes students take things lightly while revising a subject, due to sheer boredom or overconfidence. Full-Length mock tests allow you to cover important areas of a full syllabus and help to better utilize revision time in those subjects, which are your weak areas.

4. Helping in better time management
Finally, a time-bound mock test allows you to practice sincerely within the stipulated time. Time management is about maximizing score by developing an ability to prioritize among different questions and to allocate reasonable time to solve them.

So, though it sounds clichéd, there’s no denying that only dedicated practice leads to perfection in your chosen endeavor, and preparing for JEE & NEET is no different.

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