Negative Marking – How to escape from it?

In many competitive exams, negative marking is the biggest problem which students face these days. In this article, we will discuss some tricks which will help aspirants to escape easily from it. Negative marking gives you an advantage over your under-prepared co-aspirants. So, don’t take negative marking negatively. In other words, negative marking gives an opportunity to score high.

Tips and Tricks to avoid negative marking

In an exam having negative markings, you need to judge correctly and decide accordingly. By looking at the question you should be able to decide to attempt it or to leave it or to return back in the end.

Prefer to first solve the questions in which you are confident and can solve in minimum time. By this, you will save much time for other difficult questions. This management will help you to minimize negative marking.

Most importantly, while preparation, practice MCQs, and previous year question papers as much as you can as it is the best way to escape from negative marking. While attempting competitive exams, this practice will make you confident. It will give you the confidence in judging the question correctly. Solve mock tests to practice the time management. You need to practice enough MCQs so that you are able to be sure about more questions while attempting for competitive exams.

Blind guesswork can be dangerous. Always reduce to 1 or 2 options out of four before guessing.

However, even your answer is correct, still, you can affect from negating marking due to silly mistakes. After extreme hard work, you cannot afford losing marks through silly mistakes and that too after knowing the correct answer. Some of the silly mistakes usually done by candidates are marking the wrong answer, options with the wrong units marked, calculation mistake, question misinterpreted, the wrong formula used.

To conclude, every negative mark avoided is a mark gained. Be attentive while attempting question paper and don’t get trapped of negative marking.

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