Preparing physics to crack NEET entrance

Physics requires thorough clarity of fundamentals, logical thinking, and application of mathematics in solving a problem. Physics works on applying ideas and concepts to solve problems.

Understanding physics needs practice

An aspirant should include Physics in their daily timetable. Manage your schedule properly between studies and other engagements. Complete your assignments on time. Avoid all type of distractions.

Avoid skipping your classes. Attend classes attentively and clear all your doubts by discussions. Also, make proper notes on different topics. Definitely, this will help you during revisions.

Go through the topic to be discussed before going to class like main headings, summaries, contents etc. because this is the only way you will be familiar with the topic before it is discussed in the class. As a result, you will be partially knowing the topic before going to class.

After the class, go through the notes and make it easily understandable. Solve the problems discussed in the class.

Study the coaching material of NEET to understand the concept and try using concepts in solving problems. Try solving problems through mock tests as per NEET level.

Besides that, solve all the examples available in the NCERT book. Use solutions later to review your method and answer. Solve complete exercise mentioned at the end of a chapter.

Cramming in Physics should be avoided completely. It can never result positively in the exam. Rather, do practice basic mathematics too as Physics has some of the mathematical concepts included in it. You also need to understand how to approach problems and how to apply concepts in solving problems. This understanding you will get through regular practice. Memorize all basic formulas. More problem you solve, more you will become familiar with the trick for choosing the right formula for solving a particular problem.

Most importantly, ‘Practice as much as you can’ is the main rule to understand physics. Wherever you have doubts, seek help from teachers, mentors and get it solved. Various online sessions too are available these days which are interesting and convenient. Just keep practicing, don’t give up and stay away from all negative thoughts.

Therefore, Regular practice lead to get the desired seat in NEET entrance exams and besides that, preparing for NEET through various app adds into it.

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