Scoring low in Mock Tests?

Not getting the desired result even after putting all efforts is really frustrating. Don’t lose hope and remain consistent in such times. Mock tests are part of your preparations. So, nothing has gone. Still, you have time to cope up.

Learn from failures. Not every day is going to be the same. Deal strongly with the hardships and don’t get knocked down. Hardships have come to pass and teach you something. Just stay positive and stay consistent with your studies. Take these hardships as a challenger and defeat it. We want you to understand that it is okay to score low at times and no matter what, you are not going to lose hope.

Go through the solutions carefully and patiently. While going through solutions, you actually learn the application of the theory of problem-solving, which is an important skill for cracking exams like NEET and JEE.

If you have gone through solutions carefully, you must have acquired valuable knowledge that will help you in solving such questions in Entrance Exams. Pick more mock tests and solve them. Practice difficult concepts more and more to become confident in the tough topic.

When you solve mock tests, you cover up all aspects of the examination – practice, revision, theory, calculation, etc. You need to learn by practicing. There are many basic concepts that can only be understood through practice. So, practice previous years papers as much as you can.

Keep solving mock papers even though you still have some theory left to be covered. These practice sessions that you spend on Mock tests are really going to be beneficial for your final results. So, make sure you make good use of these mock tests.

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