Systematize your Studies

For preparing for any entrance exam or any university exam, the well-planned strategy is the main requirement. Systematize study plan is always better than a random study method.

Tips for a planned study

Setting proper schedule always gives the exact idea of how much will be achieved in coming days. For example, Day-1- Going through Theory; Day-2- Practicing MCQs of a related topic; Day-3- Working hard in weak areas. Be sure, this is how you can complete your syllabus. Prepare the timetable which is easily and efficiently achievable that too in time.

First set a goal and then approach towards setting a schedule of preparation. A goal can be something like “studying optics”, “revising all formulae and reactions”, etc. Calculate the time you have in hand to appear in the exam. You can now divide the time for each task.

After setting the timetable, now the time is for its execution. Many students would have set up timetables, but a few succeed in executing it.

For its execution, you should decide favourable time slots in which you would be studying comfortably. You should prepare yourself to face the day as it comes and stick to the timetable in the best possible way. You can postpone certain topics for any emergency. In such a case, you should increase your speed or number of time slots and compensate for every loss incurred in the timetable.

There is no guarantee that you will get the time that you have set aside for studying. In that case, you should be ready for increasing the number of time slots to cover the missed time. Several situations appear which you need to prioritize.

Above all, motivation is very important. Students are mostly seen as well motivated while setting a timetable but it decreases when it comes into execution. To motivate yourself from time to time, just ask yourself the purpose behind setting up the timetable and keep reminding about your big goal, ambition etc.

Stay positive and keep preparing hard. Good Luck!!!

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