Techniques for solving MCQs

  • Try to guess correct answer without looking at options available. By this, you won’t get distracted with alternatives given in MCQs.
  • Better to eliminate the question if you don’t know the answer as crossing the answers without knowing will not work at all.
  • Narrow your selection to the best answer. Change the question into a statement with each of the possible choices and select the one that is true.
  • If according to you, more than one answer is correct, make sure that the answer you are considering completely relates the question. It cannot be the answer if it is true only under certain circumstances.
  • Don’t take a blind guess. It’s better not to attempt the question if negative marks are high.
  • However, if you can eliminate few incorrect answers, then it’s fine to make a smart guess
  • Eliminate the choices that mean the same thing.
  • Look for grammatical clues. For instance, if the question ends with “an”, then the alternative should probably start with a vowel.
  • If you feel that two out of three responses seem correct, then “all of the above” is a strong possibility.
  • Eliminate responses that seem extreme. For example, if an answer is a number and your choices are 5, 70, 76, 856, then remove the numbers 5 and 856 and take a guess from the remaining alternatives. Although if two alternatives are opposite each other then one of them is probably correct.
  • If all else fails, choose one of the middle responses. Many examiners feel that it is better if the answer is hidden, surrounded by distractors.
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